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Our staff is comprised of nurses, licensed professional counselors, and social workers who are committed to delivering the highest quality care for you or your loved one.

We work in collaboration with patients, family members, and caregivers to coordinate patient care between physicians, pharmacists, home care specialists and therapists.

Our goal is to reduce stress for the family and eliminate oversights in care by clarifying treatment plans, medication regimens and compliance, insurance coverage and other urgent patient needs.










Marisa Gladen, R.N., B.S.N.

Marisa is the Chief Executive Officer for Selective Medical Services. Marisa started her own case management company from the grassroots up. Marisa has over 16 years of Hospice and Home Health experience which she has used to build her Mission Statement. She was passionate about establishing a company that not only provides quality case management for individuals but also provided jobs for professionals that would allow them the flexibility to care for their families as well. Marisa started her business in her home state of TX and grew that to a 23 state, multi-million dollar organization, within 2 years. Marisa maintains her commitment to quality and demonstrates an open door, hands-on approach to management. Marisa is active in many community organizations and spreads her love of life and desire to help others achieve their goals through many volunteer positions. She is an avid animal lover and supports her community in annual adoption fairs so that others may have the comfort of companions they might otherwise be unable to obtain. Although Marisa has many other business ventures, her true love of case management continues today as she strives to maintain this actively growing case management business.

Dee de la Torre, R.N.

Dee has over 13 years of nursing and case management experience and is the Chief Operating Officer for Selective Medical Services. Dee has been with the company since its inception as one of the first few employees that Marisa brought on board. Dee’s commitment to excellence and dedication to developing a quality organization has made her into our COO today. SMS is pleased to have Dee continue to serve with these goals in mind. She is the glue that holds the organization together. Dee has developed our corporate training program and several other programs and processes to ensure that all Care Managers are knowledgeable in all aspects of their job requirements so that they can continue to meet the high standards of care established by Selective Medical Services. She has also developed many valuable resources for Care Managers and continues to play an active role in the training process. Dee provides daily oversight for all compliance standards, business development, finances, recruiting efforts and many other operations.   

Denise Van Portfliet, R.N.

Denise VanPortfliet is the Regional Manager for Selective Medical Services. Denise uses her over 25 years of nursing and case management experience to provide day to day operational supervision for our Care Managers nationwide. She is directly responsible to ensure that documentation is meeting the requirements of CMS guidelines as well as those specific to our contractual agreements. Her attention to detail and team building skills have directly contributed to our continued growth. Denise also functions as a liaison with key partners within our contracted agencies. She shares the drive and commitment that Marisa strives to incorporate in her management team.

Tiffany Fernandez, B.A. in Business Administration and Management

Tiffany is the Compliance Manager for Selective Medical Services. She has used her education and experience to dramatically increase the number of Care Managers employed during her tenure with Selective Medical Services. Tiffany shows creativity in the recruitment process while ensuring that all candidates adhere to the strict standards of our onboarding process. Tiffany is instrumental in ensuring that all employees are compliant with all licensing, certification, annual health and education needs. Her acute attention to detail allows us to remain compliant with the strict regulations we must adhere to.


At Selective Medical Services, we put the health and care of our patients at the center of all we do for them and their families. It’s the heart of our care management and reduces stress, costs, and time commitments for the family, while also eliminating oversights in patient care.


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